INTERIOR MOTIVE(s), MPV Gallery, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, NL

23 Sept – 18 Nov 2018

MPV Gallery is proud to announce the group show; INTERIOR MOTIVE(s). This exhibition is a selection of 4 international artists; Pedro Matos (Portugal), Peter Mohall (Sweden), Fabian Treiber (Germany) and Gijs van Lith (The Netherlands).
INTERIOR MOTIVE(s) explores the commonalities between these artists; the energy, the drive and motive to create work. Challenging the materiality, perception and the work-process is the connecting theme at first glance. But beneath the surface and beyond the empirical evidence a deeper truth lies hidden. The exhibition is an oscillation where modernistic and post-modernistic principles play a sort of ‘push and pull’ in each work and between the works of art. This exhibition finds a balance between naive and knowingness, and emphasizes on the value of earnestness.

Curated by Gijs van Lith